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What do we do?

We give you the tools to manage your vehicles!

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Scheduled Services

Schedule the services of your vehicles to happen in the future


Unscheduled Services

Register any unscheduled service such as a repair or a fix

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Vehicle History

Keep the whole history of the scheduled and unscheduled services online

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Cars & Motorcycles

You can register all your vehicles with

  • Name
  • Notes
  • Odometer
  • Date of Purchase
  • Distance for Notification
  • Days for Notification
  • Images

You can Assign the vehicle to a user of your Workspace.

You can be Notified on Due and Overdue services.

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Scheduled Services

Schedule your services with ease and flexibility. You can schedule a service using different scheduling schemes like:

  • At specific number of kms from start.
  • At specific number of kms from the previous service.
  • Periodically, every specific number of kms.
  • On specific date in the future.
  • Using days, or weeks or months, or even years.
  • With combinations like "after 10.000km or on specific date, whichever comes first".
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Task Lists

Each service can have a task list with tasks that need to be carried out as part of a service execution. For example, a task to "Change Oil Engine".

Each task in the list can also be assigned to an engineer in your workspace. Assignments notify the engineer and they know that they have to take care of this task to be done.

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Assign the vehicles or the scheduled services to engineers in your workspace. They will get notified for due and overdue service plans. You can also assign individual tasks from each scheduled service. Keep accountability at any level you see more appropriate.

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Get notified, by email and by push notifications to your mobile app every time a service is due or overdue.

All the assignees of the vehicle or the service or of individual tasks are being notified.

Notifications are emitting either when a dates is approaching or your vehicle is reaching a specific odometer value. Or you can have notifications that combine both.

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Do your services based on scheduled services. The scheduled service is a service that you have planned in advance. When the time comes to do the service you rely on the details of the scheduled service.

Add custom tasks to each service. Although the service relies on the scheduled service, you can always customize each particular service when the time comes to execute a scheduled service.

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Unscheduled Services

Services are scheduled, but there are cases in which an unscheduled once-off repair might need to take place.

Unscheduled Services have tasks and assignees too. Hence, they can be as detailed as the services are, only that they are not an instance of a scheduled service.

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All the scheduled and unscheduled services are saved online and you have access to them via the history of the vehicle.

With a click of a button you can have the history of the vehicle to your email box, with all the details like when the service was done, by whom and which task was composed of.

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Personal Use

Use Wheel Run to manage the services of your family or other personal vehicles. It's simple to use and you have everything online.

Truck Fleet

Business Use

Wheel Run is ideal for business use too. You can declare numerous vehicles and keep track of their services.

With the ability to invite many users into your workspace you have full accountability and cooperation with all the engineers and employees working with your vehicles.

You can always be member of multiple workspaces and switch from one to the other.

Car Engineers


You can invite many users to your account, i.e. to your workspace. This allows you to have many engineers or employees or other users managing the same pool of vehicles.

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Kilometers or Miles

Do you use kilometers or miles? This is not a problem. You can have any of the two measurement units that you like and are used to.



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